Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Hero

"The Hero" from The Babe
  Cincinnati Pops Brass


Cincinnati Pops - "Goldfinger"

Vince DiMartino played lead with us on this Goldfinger clip.  Brilliant and energized trumpet work as always!  His playing is powerful, mean, and sweet all at the same time!  Love to listen.  Vince always got us pumped. Great times happened with Vinnie.

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Midnight Cowboy

The Midnight Cowboy was sounding a bit tipsy that night, but whatever.  We were having fun.

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CSO Brass - Untouchables

Main Theme from The Untouchables by Ennio Morricone.  What a great piece to jump start blood and air flow!  Impossible to be bored.  Fun stuff.  At least in our own minds, the trumpets were untouchable.  This one's for us, guys!

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Lonesome Dove

Theme from Lonesome Dove written by Basil Poledouris. An E flat trumpet would have been a good idea here, but no.  C size fits all.  Take a few healthy gulps, be ready for frequent high notes, and just go for it.

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A League of Their Own

Ah, the Pops! The quasi-sublime is followed by total craziness.  Here is "The Final Game" from A League of Their Own.

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"Act of Faith" from Bugsy by Ennio Morricone. A lament over unfulfilled dreams.

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Copland Ceremonial Fanfare

Copland's Ceremonial Fanfare was written in 1945 for the the 50th anniversary of the CSO.  It is less famous than his Fanfare for the Common Man, and sets a more solemn and introspective tone.  Whereas the first is noble, brilliant and triumphant, this one is also celebratory and grandiose, but strangely tragic at the same time. 

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Verdi - "Questa o quella"

This gutsy Act I Rigoletto aria proudly boasts of random pleasure-finding by the tenor, or in this arrangement, the trumpet player.

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Outdoor Overture

Copland's Outdoor Overture

Solo 0:25 until 1:30

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Olympic Fanfare

 John Williams Olympic Fanfare


Suk Fanfare

Josef Suk - Fanfare Towards a New Life


The Natural

Suite from The Natural


Gershwin Concerto in F

Gershwin Piano Concerto in F, second movement


 Jerry Goldsmith's It's A Long Road

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Wishing You Were Somehow Here

 Andrew Lloyd Webber's Wishing You Were Somehow Here

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Lily's Eyes

From "The Secret Garden" - Lily's Eyes



Roll Tide

"Roll Tide" from Crimson Tide



Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Memory" from Cats


Mahler 3 Posthorn

Posthorn Solo from Mahler 3.

Solo begins at 5:40 and extends until 16:30.

Performed on Bach C Trumpet


American Eagle Waltz

Offenbach's American Eagle Waltz written for cornetist Jules Levy in 1876 for the centennial celebrations with John Philip Sousa serving as concertmaster.

Played on a Bach C trumpet with a Monette bell, recorded in 1993.


Britten - Trumpets from Young Persons Guide

Young Person's Guide, Variation K - Trumpets


Snare Drum: Bill Platt 

Petroushka Ballerina Dance and Waltz

Ballerina Dance and Waltz from Stravinsky's Petroushka


Solos at 2:50 through 5:45

Snare Drum: Bill Platt